Frequently Asked Questions

Is the pool open to the public?
No, we are a members-only pool. If you're interested in a membership, click here or email for more information.
How do I schedule a party?
What's the difference between a membership and dues?
We are a member-owned pool, so to join you have to purchase a membership. This is a one-time purchase and it represents your share of ownership in the pool, including voting privileges. There are a limited number of total memberships available. Your membership can even be sold or transferred to another family. Members must also pay dues each year (including the year you purchase the membership). This is our primary source of income to operate the pool. If you have never been a member before, you can also opt for a trial membership. This membership type doesn't confer ownership or voting rights, but does allow your family full access to the pool for the summer. This is a great way to try out the pool and see if a full membership is right for you. For details on the cost of memberships, dues, and trial memberships, click here.
Once I'm a member, how do I get access to the pool?
Our pool is staffed by lifeguards during operating hours. Once you have submitted your membership form and paid the appropriate fees, you will be added to our list of members. Just show up, give your name to the lifeguard at the front desk, and enjoy your time at the pool!
Can I bring food?
Yes! Feel free to bring food and drinks as long as there's no glass. We even have gas and charcoal grills available (bring your own fuel).
Is alcohol allowed?
No. For insurance reasons, alcohol is not allowed on the property.
Do you offer swim lessons?
We generally have some members who teach lessons at the pool. Email for more information. Spots fill up fast, so we encourage you to reach out early in the season.
Do you have a swim or dive team?
We sure do! Our swim and dive teams are fun and competitive. Click here or email for more information.
Why do you never see elephants hiding in trees?
Because they're so good at it.
I have a different question.
We're happy to help! Email with any questions.