Whitesburg Tide Swim & Dive Teams

Any area youth from age 4 to 17 are invited to join the Whitesburg Tide swim and dive teams! We're part of the Rocket City Swim and Dive League and swimmers and divers of any skill level are welcome. Whether you're super competitive or just learning, our awesome coaches will have you setting PRs in no time... all while having fun with your friends at the pool!


How to Join

Just fill out the appropriate forms and bring them with you to registration. 2018 registration will be Saturday, April 21st (11am-2pm).

Families new to swim/dive team are asked to attend a new-swimmer evaluation and parent meeting following practice on Monday, May 28th (approx. 5:30pm).



Have multiple swimmers and/or divers in your family? Great! The cost per participant goes down as you register more kids. In fact, after the 3rd swimmer/diver, the rest are free!

If you aren't a regual pool member, you'll need to pay the swim/dive team pool-use fees in addition to the team fees shown above.

Swim team fees include t-shirts as shown below. Dive fees do not include a t-shirt. Swim caps, trophies, and extra shirts can be purchased at an additional cost if desired.

Swim Team

  • 1 swimmer: $100 (includes 1 t-shirt)
  • 2 swimmers: $160 (includes 2 t-shirts)
  • 3+ swimmers: $200 (includes 3 t-shirts)

Dive Team

  • 1 diver: $70
  • 2 divers: $100
  • 3+ divers: $125

Swim Team Schedule

After school practice for returning swimmers will begin on Monday, May 21st (time TBD).

During the regular summer schedule, practices are every morning Monday through Friday, from 8-8:45am for ages 6 and under, 8:45-9:45am for ages 7-11, and 9:45-11 for ages 12 and up. Meets are typically on Wednesday evenings beginning around 6pm.

2018 Swim Meet Schedule
Date vs. Location
June 13 Chapman Whitesburg
June 20 Redstone Arsenal Redstone Arsenal
June 27 Valley Hill Whitesburg
July 3 Camelot Whitesburg
July 13-15 City Meet Huntsville Aquatic Center

Dive Team Schedule

Dive Team practices are weekdays from 11:15-12:30 for all ages. Meets are typically Monday evenings starting at 6pm.

2018 Dive Meet Schedule
Date vs. Location
To be announced


We rely heavily on the support of our team parents. Parents are expected to help at three meets and also one or two shifts at the city meet, but there are LOTS of ways to get involved! Check out these job descriptions to see where you can plug in!

Timers & Runners

A timer is assigned to each lane and given an electronic timer which starts automatically for each race. The timer's job is just to hit the button when the swimmer finishes and record the swimmers time. The runners take the recorded times from the timers and take them to the score table.

Callers & Scribes

The callers sit on the side of the pool at the finish end and watches as the swimmers finish. They call out the lane number as each swimmer finishes. The scribes write down what their caller calls out. There are a caller and a scribe pair on each side of the pool (each team provides one of each) doing the same thing.


The Ribbons person is responsible for collecting the labels printed at the scoring table, along with the ribbons provided by the home team, placing the labels on the appropriate ribbon, and giving the ribbons to the swim team rep.


At home meets we have concessions in the pool office area. The concession workers sell hot dog and hamburger plates, drinks, and snacks. Of course, you can take a break to go watch your swimmer!

Grill Master

The grill master cooks up the hot dogs and hamburgers for the concession stand! They can also take a break to go watch their swimmers.

Pinks and Blues

Each swimmer has a card with their name, lane, and event on it. The "pinks and blues" person stands or sits at the shallow end of the pool and hands the cards to our team’s swimmers as they come to swim their race. The swimmers know to come get their cards. Swimmers will then hand their card to the timer when it’s time for them to swim. For swimmers 8 years old and under, this person will give the card directly to the appropriate timer (it will have the lane number on it) instead of the swimmer.

Bull Pen

These two people help get the younger kids to their races. The bull pen workers have a copy of the meet heat sheet (the events schedule) and call the kids names to get them together and to their starting position. You do not have to know the kids names to do this! This is a great way to meet the kids and learn their names. The kids usually all sit together in our team area, or they will be very close by with their parents. The younger swimmers even have their names written on their shoulder in sharpie! The coaches will also be around helping and cheering!

Ref, Starter, and Stroke & Turn Judges

The ref runs the overall swim meet. The starter calls out the events and starts each race. The stroke & turn judges watch the swimmers for technical violations. These positions require some special training, but they're all done by volunteers! If you're interested in getting started as an official, stroke & turn judging is a great place to start. Contact the swim team manager to find out about training opportunities.