Admission To Pool

  1. Any member whose payment of dues has been validated by the Association Treasurer and filed with the office record will be admitted.
  2. Children under 10 years of age will not be admitted unless accompanied by a responsible older person.
  3. Admission and behavior of all other children is the responsibility of their parents.
  4. Everyone must sign in before swimming.

Sanitation And Safety

  1. The Management and Board of Directors will be enforcing the strictest water sanitation code. To ensure protection from bacterial contamination, the pool will be closed immediately after detection of fecal matter or vomit in the pool. The pool will remain closed until the Manager deems the water quality returned to safe conditions. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause but due to the extreme importance of this health issue we will maintain rigid enforcement of these standards.
  2. Children not yet potty trained are required to wear swim diapers at all times.
  3. The guardian of any child not potty trained is responsible for maintaining regular swim diaper checks.
  4. Anyone knowing of an accident in the pool must immediately notify the Manager or Assistant Manager on duty.
  5. The pool will close for 30 minutes after the sound of thunder or if lightening is sighted.
  6. All swimmers must shower before entering the pool.
  7. No member shall knowingly enter the pool or permit family members or guests to do so while suffering from a contagious disease (for example, athlete's foot or open wounds or sores).
  8. No horseplay, running on the deck, or dunking in the pool.
  9. The office is for staff member only. Children are not permitted in this area.


  1. Guests will be admitted only when accompanied by a member.
  2. A guest fee of $3 must be paid for each guest.
  3. Any guest from out of town will be admitted without fee.
  4. An adult member must certify each out of town guest.


  1. Only members and their guest of legal drinking age are permitted to have alcoholic beverages on the pool premises.
  2. No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the staff refrigerator.
  3. No kegs of beer are permitted on the pool premises during regular operating business hours.
  4. No alcoholic beverages allowed on the upper or lower deck during home swim meets.


  1. The Association is not responsible for loss or damage to personal property.
  2. The pool Manager has the authority to close the pool (or any Association facility) at any time when, in his/her opinion, closing is necessary for safety, health, or general welfare.
  3. The Association assumes no responsibility to members or their family members or their guests for any accident or injury to any person or property.
  4. The Association assumes no responsibility to members or their family members or their guests for property brought into or left on Association premises.
  5. Members shall reimburse the Association for any damage to its property by themselves, their family members, or their guests.
  6. The pool manager and lifeguards have authority to enforce health and safety regulations and to maintain good order. This includes authority to eject offenders from Association property.


  1. No glass containers or chewing gum are allowed on the pool deck.
  2. No pets are permitted within the pool enclosure or bathhouse.
  3. All members should make a concerted effort to clean up after themselves.
  4. Roll umbrellas down and replace all chairs and loungers to their original positions before leaving the pool.


Violation of these rules shall be subject to disciplinary action by the Board of Directors. The operation of the pool will be under the direction of the pool Manager. The Lifeguards, under the supervision of the pool Manager, are charged with enforcing these rules and shall report infractions to the pool Manager. The pool Manager will forward such reports to the Associaton President. Any person willfully violating any of these rules may have their swimming privileges suspended by the pool Manager pending a report to the Board of Directors and the subsequent action of the Board.